Improve Confidence / Overcome Exam and Competition Nerves

Like those who suffer with phobias and panic attacks, people who suffer with lack of confidence and performance nerves often have a tendency to have repetitive negative thoughts about previous experiences where their performance has been poor or even disastrous. The problem with this behavior is that the mind responds to these thoughts with images or mini films of them continuing to perform in this poor way. In effect they are mentally rehearsing and getting better and better at performing poorly.

With hypnotherapy we can help them to first develop general confidence/self-esteem and positive belief patterns and habits.

This will enable them to respond to a positive visualization which is given to them in hypnotherapy where they see themselves performing perfectly and achieving their goal, whether in an exam with them looking and feeling calm and all the right information popping into their mind to driving superbly in a driving test or swimming incredibly in a competition and winning the race.