Weight Loss

Weight issues and obesity are not just about food, they are often a result of habits and beliefs formed during childhood, equally they can be symptoms of stress, lack of confidence and or low self esteem. Sometimes it is simply that we have fallen into bad habits due to a busy lifestyle. Hypnotherapy can help to re-programme your mind so that you can make the specific changes that are necessary for you to reach your goals.

My programme for weight management is based on developing the right mindset and being equipped with the appropriate tools and knowledge and includes

  • Hypnotherapy that can be directed at any of the following – individually or any combination according to your specific needs:-
    • Eliminating totally or reducing problem foods or drinks such as chocolate, sweets, fatty foods, salty snacks, fizzy drinks, alcohol etc.
    • Controlling snacking and eliminating binge sessions.
    • Encouraging healthy eating – moderate portion sizes, healthy food choices, eating slower and eating for genuine hunger not boredom or other emotional reasons.
    • Motivation for exercise.
    • Developing the “right” mind set by controlling stress and depression.
    • Plus increasing willpower, motivation, confidence and self esteem.
  • A copy of my Low Fat, Moderate Carbohydrates and Protein Weight Management Programme (which is helpful for a healthy heart and eating to reduce risk of some cancers, diabetes, osteoporosis, HBP etc.). It provides clear and easy to use information on weight loss through a healthier lifestyle, along with further guidelines for maintenance.
  • Recording of your hypnotherapy session to enable you to continue your therapy in your own home between appointments. This reinforces the therapy, reduces the number of appointments needed and produces benefits even quicker as well as maintenance for a healthier lifestyle and weight.

Number of appointments required varies depending on the individuals needs, when stress/depression and low self esteem are issues these generally need addressing in the first session.