Joan Black, Urmston

“I stopped smoking with Jackie of Quest Therapy years ago, I had my last cigarette prior to therapy at 6.30pm 3rd November 1998. I’ve had no urges, not even when in the company of smokers. It’s great, and I was smoking 40 a day. In fact, I quite like being in the company of smokers, makes me feel good.”

Stuart Houghton, Bolton

“I tried everything to give up smoking but without success, then I heard about hypnotherapy. I was very sceptical and thought that it would never work, how wrong I was, just one session with Jackie and here I am three years later feeling great and a non smoker. I would recommend it to anybody who is looking to kick the habit.”

RB, Manchester

RB Had developed a habit of practically living on chocolate (between 12 and 16 bars per day) and black coffee. A month after two sessions this is what she had to say “I haven’t had or wanted a single piece of chocolate, and I don’t even fancy drinking chocolate or chocolate ice cream, it’s like I don’t like anything chocolaty.”

Sisters, D and J, Manchester

“Really impressed, neither of us has smoked since we saw you over a year ago, we have sent our friend Paul to you and he hasn’t smoked either.”

AD, Macclesfield

“One year today since I saw you and still not smoking, still can’t believe it.”

HW, Manchester

“Quit with you 6 years ago, never had a cigarette since.”

AB, Manchester

“Just wanted to thank you for my hypnotherapy on 19/12/06 for claustrophobia and fear of flying before my trip to Lapland. I am completely cured and had no problems flying. We had a fantastic day and I just wanted to thank you.”

AJ, Manchester

Came with a fear of flying. She was due to fly around the world to America, the Far East and Australia. She is now in New Zealand and tells me that she has overcome her fear of flying and now loves extreme sport e.g. parachuted out of a plane and abseiled down the tallest building in the southern hemisphere.

EN, Manchester

“I wished I’d had hypnosis years ago. I used it to overcome years of anxiety and IBS which had me nearly housebound. I now live a great life, I can go wherever I want, I even take trips to Blackpool, Wales and Scotland on coaches and trains. Marvellous.”

SD, Manchester

“I can’t believe how much I have changed since I discovered hypnosis. First I stopped smoking in just one session after 30 years on 20 –30 per day, and then went on to overcome being practically house bound due to a crippling fear of dogs. I’ve now got a part time job which is great.”

Traffic Policeman, UK – name suppressed, due to job

“I am so pleased to be back at work. Thanks for helping me overcome my anxiety. I can’t believe how quick life is back to normal. In fact, it is better than normal, I’m so calm about everything, and the family think it’s great.”

MH, Manchester

“Wish I’d done this ages ago. It was so easy, six months on and I’m still a non-smoker, it’s like I never smoked.”

P & PG, Manchester

“Not only have we both stopped smoking after 38 and 39 years, but we are sleeping so much better too.”

AK, Stockport

AK first came for stopping smoking and due to his success then came to me a year later to improve study habits and overcome study procrastination and exam nerves which had developed after previously failing his finals twice. “Thanks, still not smoking and I’ve passed my final accounts exam.”

BM, Manchester

Reached target size and weight and maintained it and sending referrals 6 years on.

LP, Manchester

After the diagnosis of cancer of his sister and death of his mother plus serious illness of his young son, LP developed a fear of illness and began to believe that every ache and pain was cancer. This became so severe and debilitating that when he came to see me he had been off work for a number of months due to overwhelming anxiety. He had tried many types of medication from his GP, and other therapies too without success. After just 3 sessions this is what he had to say.

“I am getting back into work, I’ve done two days already and it’s been good, I’m feeling much calmer.”